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Does Communication Macros available in SoMachine Basic such as those in TwidoSuite.

All the modbus Macros (communication macros and drive macros) has been removed in SoMachine Basic. Instead of Macros, in SoMachine Basic we have introduced Rung Template for Modbus Messaging. A rung template is a pre-configured portion of source code that you can insert into your programs to make programming quicker while reducing coding errors. SoMachine Basic maintain separate lists of Ladder Diagram and Instruction List rung templates.
This Rung Template can be inserted Tools tab in the left-hand area of the Programming window. Click Rung templates → Ladder or Rung templates → Instruction List
A list of current rung templates in Ladder Diagram or Instruction List format is displayed. To insert it you can double click or copy and paste in your application program.
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