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How many High Speed Counters are available in HMISCU.

There are maximum Two High Speed Counters available in HMI SCU if you configure Counter in Simple Type where you will get only One-Shot and Modulo Loop Counting mode with Counting frequency upto 100 KHz.

But if you configure first counter in Main Type you will get the Counting mode One-shot, Modulo-Loop, Free-Large, Event Counting and Frequency meter mode with max frequency of 50 KHz.

Please take note that if first counter is configured as Main Type the second counter cannot be used any more.

The details of each counter mode is as follows:

One-shot: In this mode, the counter current value register decrements (from a user-defined value) for each pulse applied to A input until the counter reaches a 0.

Modulo-loop: In this mode, the counter repeatedly counts from 0 to a user-defined modulo value then returns to 0 and restarts counting. In reverse, the counter counts down from the modulo value to 0 and then presets to the modulo value and restarts counting. You can also use Modulo-loop mode with an encoder.

Free-large: In this mode, the counter behaves like a high range up and down counter and can be used with an encoder.

Event Counting: In this mode, the counter accumulates a number of events that are received during a user-configured time base.

Frequency meter: In this mode, the counter measures the frequency of events during a user-configured time base. Frequency is the number of events per second (Hz).

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