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How to publish Variable created in SoMachine Logic Builder to Vijeo Designer via SoMachine Protocol in SoMachine V4.1 software.

Earlier version of SoMachine was having a object Symbol Configuration that can be used to select and update variable in Vijeo Designer application using SoMachine Protocol.

In version 4.1 of SoMachine things have changed a bit as Symbol Configuration has been out of phase in this version. The steps for performing the same task is as follows:

1. Create you variable in SoMachine Logic Builder.
2. Go to View, Software Catalog and select Variables.
3. Now you can publish the local variables to Vijeo-Designer by selecting them in the right pane.
4. Don´t forget to build ALL.
5. Go back to SoMachine Central and open Vijeo-Designer.
6. In Vijeo-Designer, Right-click on Variables and Import Variables From SoMachine.

Now you could see the all variable that you have published in SoMachine Logic Builder is available in Vijeo Designer.
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