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How we can power up the HMI XBTN200 when we do not have port power supply available in the connected PLC or device such as M218 PLC as this HMI requires power supply to its RJ45 communication port only.

If you are using device such as PLC TM218 to communicate with XBTN200 which do not have power supply on its Communication port to power up the HMI. In your configuration it is strongly recommended to install one External power adapter XBTZRTPW which is having RJ45 to RJ45 connector with external terminal for power supply and Use a 5 V DC power supply: ABL 8MEM 05040. See the attached document for XBTZRTPW.

Failure of using the above recommendation can result in communication port failure, Display screen goes blank or intermittent communication failure from connected device.

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