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Runtime manager shows Alarm server process status reports as "Initialize Functions" but the alarm server never actually starts. Why this message occurs in Vijeo Citect SCADA.

This scenario can occur if you are running an unsupported server topology. For example if copy your project to a test machine and change the IP address of the Primary server to match the test machine. With all the Servers running on the same network effectively you are running two Primary Alarm Servers and one Standby, an unsupported scenario. If you wish to test project modifications run the test machine as standalone and not networked (see Computer Setup Wizard). You can also add the AddressForwarding Citect.ini parameter (see Computer Setup Editor) to forward any Server IP requests to the local machine. This will allow your test machine to run as a server for testing without changing the project configuration.

You can also get the issue described in the above summary, if you are incorrectly configuring redundant Alarm servers on machines with multiple IP addresses. Kindly check the attached document for further details.
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