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Why the Altivar 61 0.75KW drive is tripped on over current fault when it is connected to Motor via sinus filter.

This is because, for small drive you have small nominal current and current ripple is more important for small drive and approximately the same for all small drive given normally by motor cable.
When you use sinus filter you have important ripple current due to the presence of capacitor on the sinus filter. If you use the same power for drive and motor the sum of ripple current with the nominal current will reach the threshold level of current limitation reached on the drive then drive trips on OCF.
Example: For ATV71H075N4 for 0.75KW motor it is very difficult to use sinus filter what you can do it is to use an ATV71HU15N4 for a 0.75KW and use a VW3A5201 sinus filter.

Refer to recommendation on catalogue in attachment.
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