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What is the Difference between TSXPSY2600 and TSXPSY2600M.

There is no difference in Hadware between TSXPSY2600 and TSXPSY2600M,physically both are same. Go through the meaning of the Last digit on the power supply module in catalog.
The various combinations mean new products  with following rules:
- E means : product delivered with english documentation
- F means : product delivered with a french documenation
- M means : product delivered with a multilingual documentation (E+F+...) 
- No final  letter means that  the product has no associated documentation.

For Example
TSXPSY2600M = means TSXPSY2600 is supplied with multilingual documentation.
TSXPSY2600 = means TSXPSY2600 is supplied without any documentation.
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