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How can we communicate Tata Honeywell PLC ( IPC 620-35 and IPC 620 - 16 ) via DCM card ( 620 - 0052C ) with Vijeo Citect Scada.

To communicate this Honeywell PLC Series 620 with VJC we have a HWELL driver available in Vijeo Citect. 
This HWELL driver supports serial communication with Honeywell 620 series instruments. Using this method you can connect to single or multiple instruments but this protocol uses only serial communication and requires a high-speed serial board capable of RS-422 installed in your computer. If you do not have a serial board you can use an RS-232/422 converter. 

There is a otherway, if you can connect Vijeo Citect to Honeywell PLC`s by configuring their PLC's serial port as a Modbus slave port using Honeywell's configuration software and connecting using Vijeo Citect's Modicon Modbus driver.
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