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If I configure a variable tag in Vijeo Citect and then configure alarm & trend tag as well then how many tag it counts.

The point count from Vijeo Citect 7.0 onwards it counts all I/O device addresses dynamically at runtime. This includes all tags used by alarms, trends, reports, events, pages, in Super Genies, use of the TagRead() and TagWrite() Cicode functions, or read or written to using DDE, ODBC, or the CTAPI. A particular variable tag is only counted towards your point count the first time it is requested. That is, even though you may have configured a certain tag on a particular page in your project, unless you navigate to that page and request the data, the variable tag will not be counted towards your point count. 
So I you have a variable tag defined and is it called on a graphics page and even in trends & alarms then it will be counted once in Vijeo Citect runtime. 
You can put this Vijeo Citect function CitectInfo("General","",29) on the graphics screen to get the dynamic point count display during Vijeo Citect runtime.
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