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Maximum number of communication cards supported with Quantum CPUs.

Maximum number of communication cards[(i.e. NOM, NOC, NOE, PTQ PDP MV1 and MMS modules supported (any combination)] are varied for different CPUs. Communication card supported by different CPUs are furnished below:

140CPU311110 = 2 No.
140 CPU43412A/U =6 No.
140 CPU53414A/U =6 No.
140CPU53414B/U =6 No.
140CPU65150 = 6No.
140CPU65160 =6 No.
140CPU65260 =6 No.
140CPU67060=3 No.
140CPU67160= 6 No.

As of now the tested and validated results,
PTQ-PDPMV1 supports maximum 6 no. of PTQ module in Stand-alone architecture and maximum 4 no. of PTQ module per rack(primary and standby) in Hot-standby architecture.
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