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Can i connect Unity Pro using serial port of M340 plc from a distance of 50 mtrs.

The following M340 processors have an integrated communication channel dedicated to serial communications, and enable communication via serial link for a Unity Pro terminal :

BMX P34 1000/2000/2020,
BMX P34 2010/20102. 

The RS232 and the RS485 lines are not isolated.

In case of non equipotential earth between connected equipments (cables equal or longer than 30 m), it is necessary to use a TWDXCAISO isolator module in RS485 mode.
The RS485 line polarisation is integrated into the PLC and automatically enabled or disabled by the system according to the configuration chosen in the Unity Pro screen:

Modbus master : The line polarisation is enabled.
Modbus slave : The line polarization is disabled.
Character mode : The line polarization is disabled.
The polarisation is not affected by dynamic protocol switching. The polarization resistors’ value is 560 ohms. 
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