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What is the meaning of Thermal capacity level -- 0 to 200% as given in the catalog

This function uses a model to calculate the amount of thermal capacity used (as you know Thermal Capacity Level begins to accumulate during overload) therefore, it’s a measurement function & statistics for percent thermal capacity level.
As you may be already known when thermal capacity reaches 100% the Overload fault is triggered and TeSys T should stop motor.
Nevertheless the motor had a thermal inertia and even if the motor is stopped the motor still heat a little bit and capacity may goes just above 100%
There is another situation to go above the 100% is when the motor must continue to run even if it is overloaded.
This is the case when TeSys T is used to protect fan extracting smoke in tunnel application.
In case of fire inside tunnel the fan is running to extract smoke until the fire is stopped and all smoke extracted.
In such application even if the motor is overloaded it must run until the motor die or fire stopped.
In this situation the capacitor can goes up to 200% without stopping motor.
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