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What are the setting available in Motor Protection Relay TeSys T paramertization to avoid the restart of the motor if it will exceed the tripping/restart limit of the motor.

The rapid cycle lockout function provides a configurable timer, which begins its count when the LTM R controller detects On Level Current–defined as 10 % of FLC (obviously when you say motor if it will exceeds the tripping that means LTMR will detect On Level Current – defined as 10% FLC).
At the same time the Rapid Cycle Lockout bit is set. So, If the LTM R controller detects a Run command before the rapid cycle lockout has elapsed, the:
> Rapid Cycle Lockout bit remains set
> LTM R controller ignores the Run command. It prevents the motor from restarting

Means for example: If a motor has the restriction to restart 3 times in one hour and TeSys T has already tripped 3 times on some fault & restart the motor 3 times within one hour. And if again any fault happened within one hour limit so you can setup a rapid cycle lockout timeout parameter 3 times within one hour i.e. 1200 seconds.
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