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How to enable NTP (Network Time Protocol) service in BMXNOC0401 module.

NTP services can be activated for BMXNOC0401 from DTM browser in Unity Pro. You have to follow below path :-
Unity Pro >> Tools >> DTM Browser >> M_NOC0401.2 >> Services >> NTP (Select here Enable / Disable )

Operation of the network time service can be monitored and diagnosed in:
- the Network Time Service Diagnostics page of the Unity Pro software, and
- the Network Time Service web page embedded in BMXNOC module.

PLease note  :- The network time service is available only when you first perform the following tasks:
- upgrade the firmware in the BMX NOC 0401 Ethernet communication module to version 2.01 or higher
- select the BMX NOC 0401.2 Ethernet communication module for your project using Unity Pro version 7.0 or higher
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