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Is it possibile to communicate Vijeo Citect to Yokogawa Micro XL PLC RL bus and will it requires any protocol converter.

Published date: 07 May 2019

Vijeo Citect has a serial driver for MicroXL controllers, so this can be used to access data on an RL bus. RL Bus refers to the MicroXL DCS bus.Vijeo Citect`s YOK_UXLS driver supports SERIAL communication with the Yokogawa Micro XL unit. The maximum request length for the YOK_UXLS protocol is 224 bits. 

The YOK_UXLS Driver supports SERIAL communication to the Micro Xl (µXL) communication control center, manufactured by Yokogawa Electric Corporation. 

The Micro XL system requires the MAPF - S031 Computer Communication Package for serial communications.
Kindly refer to YOK_UXLS driver help file for more details.

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