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How to reset password to the default values for VAMP 255/245/230 relay's if lost.

Published date: 08 May 2019

Password handling
The passwords can only be changed using VAMPSET software connected to the local RS-232 port on the relay.
It is possible to restore the password(s) in case the password is lost or forgotten. In order to restore the password(s), a relay
program is needed. The serial port settings are 38400 bps, 8 data bits, no parity and one stop bit. The bit rate is
configurable via the front panel.
Command               Description
get pwd_break         --> Get the break code (Example: 6569403)
get serno Get          --> the serial number of the relay (Example: 12345)

Send both the numbers to country customer care center and ask for a password break. A device specific break code is sent back to you. That code will be valid for the next two weeks.
Command                          Description
set pwd_break=4435876 --> Restore the factory default passwords (“4435876” is just an example. The actual code should be asked from VAMP Ltd.)
Now the passwords are restored to the default values.

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