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How can I communicate Vijeo Citect SCADA with Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC using DF1 protocol. Which driver I need to configure and what is the address format for this protocol.

Published date: 10 May 2019

When you use KE500 protocol in Vijeo Citect for communication, then you need to take the device address in different format as shown in below examples : 

Data Type : DIGITAL 

Address : N7:1/15 

Comment : Integer - File Number 7 Element Number 1 Bit Number 15 

Data Type : INT 

Address : N7:3 

Comment : Integer - File Number 7 : Element Number 3 

Allen-Bradley SLC500 Series PLCs support remapping reads only. 

Recoomendation : It is advised to go with ABDF1FD driver for RS232 connectivity instead of KE500 protocol and make sure to use the FullDuplex protocol on the PLC side for the RS232 port . 

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