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How can I communicate Vijeo Citect SCADA with Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 PLC using DF1 protocol. Which driver I need to configure and what is the address format for this protocol.

When you use KE500 protocol in Vijeo Citect for communication, then you need to take the device address in different format as shown in below examples : 

Data Type : DIGITAL 

Address : N7:1/15 

Comment : Integer - File Number 7 Element Number 1 Bit Number 15 

Data Type : INT 

Address : N7:3 

Comment : Integer - File Number 7 : Element Number 3 

Allen-Bradley SLC500 Series PLCs support remapping reads only. 

Recoomendation : It is advised to go with ABDF1FD driver for RS232 connectivity instead of KE500 protocol and make sure to use the FullDuplex protocol on the PLC side for the RS232 port . 
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