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SoMachine in Online Mode displays ??? instead value for variables

Published date: 13 May 2019

SoMachine displays ??? instead of values for variables in Online mode. The reason is SoMachine's internal memory handling when opening too many POUs or GVLs to show values, it could cause a memory bottleneck.
This error could occur if user open a great number of different sections in online mode, or if you open only one after another or a lot of POUs in parallel.
Normally after closing all POUs the error will not disappear.

With SoMachine V3.1version workarounds are:
- Close all open windows (POUs, GLVs)
- Logout from PLC
- Close SoMachine
- Re-Open SoMachine
- Only re-open the really necessary POUs while in Online mode
There is a significant improvement with SoMachine V4.1 concerning this behavior of SoMachine.

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