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How to set the I% and Hysteresis value in case of overcurrent on RM35JA32MW current control relay.

Published date: 13 May 2019

Setting the I% and Hysteresis value in case of overcurrent: 

Example: Current threshold = 13A 

The maximum current range of RM35JA32MW =15A (as per catalogue) 

So, the 100% setting of the % I potentiometer will be equivalent to = 15 A 

For 13A setting of the %I potentiometer is 13 / 15 = 86.66% 

Set hysteresis to 15%. 

Thus, theoretically, if the current exceeds above 13 A , the control relay shall open after taking into consideration the Delay time adjustment. The control relay will close again once the current is below the Threshold => 13 A - 15% hysteresis (13 -0.15*13 = 11.05). 

It is possible to program I% and Hysteresis value as per the requirement.

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