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What steps I need to follow to upgrade OFS Server version 3.31 to version 3.50.

Published date: 14 May 2019

For upgrading the OFS Server version there is a simple procedure. Open the project backup in version 3.31 then you need to first take the backup of the project in old version as follows: 

Go to File menu-->Save Archieve As--> and save the archieve of your project in XML format. It will store the backup of all the existing project. 

Then Upgrade your OFS then you will be able to open your archieve by just opening it from File and the Open. When you first opens your upgraded OFS version then it will automatically ask for importing the configuration settings from the previous versions. 

Your license will get retain whenever you upgrade your OFS but if you uninstall and then reinstall your license will get lost. Thus we recommend you to only upgrade your project not uninstall and then reinstall. 

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