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What are the probable causes of E-20 fault on Altivar 212 drive.

Published date: 14 May 2019

Excess torque boost fault E-20 could be due to:
- A wrong setting of the motor name plate in the drive motor parameters.
- A wrong Autotuning result (F402 parameter) in function of the motor control mode (Pt = 2, 3 or 4).
Then we suggest us to check if the motor name plate has been set in the parameters as follow:
ulu = motor voltage
uL = nominal motor frequency
F415 = nominal motor current
F417 = motor speed
And  AU1=0
And perform an autotuning in function of the PT setting. 
For example if Pt (Motor control mode) is set at 2:
Set F400 = 2, give a run command (F or R input =24Vdc), wait the end of the display message Atn1 (the motor must be cold and without any rotation).
- a too high value of ub parameter (boost torque1) in function of the motor control law (PT = 0 or 1). We suggest setting back to the factory setting or reducing the value set by the customer.

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