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How to handle message 1011h ,the request data address is invalid in Advantys OTB.

Message 1011H usually comes due to module are not plugged correctly or if you removed the hardware module or software configuration not match with hardware configuration.
In fact, if the Software configuration is different than the hardware configuration there is this error when you try to download the configuration.
 Please follow  these steps :
 - Define the software configuration (using the V1 OR V2 TM2xxx, no difference between  TM2 V1 and TM2 V2)
 - Define the hardware configuration identical to the software configuration(same reference module and same order)
 - Check if all the modules are plugged correctly
 - Power Off/On the OTB Island
 - Download the Advantys configuration
For your information, used the Advantys software V5.5 or higher. To download the Advantys Software refer the below link:
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