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In Premium HSBY if I have two ETY port can we set to monitor the 2nd ETY so that controller switch over when the second ETY fail.

In premium HSBY we can configure only one ETY as monitored and if others are used they will not be monitored.
 “Monitored” means that an automatic Switchover will occur if the associated ETY become inoperative , or the cable to the first switch becomes disconnected.

If you want to use another ETY modules then they it will be non monitored (architecture with multiple ETY) is possible but application is required to be developed for swapping) Redundant but non-Monitored ETYs cannot trigger an automatic Switchover. If you would like the Primary to detect errors on redundant but non-Monitored Ethernet I/O, and trigger a Switchover on this basis, you must still accomplish this in your application program.

As far as application is concern you will have to monitored the link status of ETY module by IODDT  T_COM_ETYX103 variable CH_ERROR (%Ir.m.c.ERR) . This bit will indication the link failure of ETY module which is non monitored.
As soon as PLC gets the link failure you can write value 0 to %SW60.1 and %SW60.2 to perform a switchover. All changes to the command register %SW60 must be written to the Primary PLC. This register is copied from the Primary to the Standby PLC during each MAST task. Therefore, any changes you make directly to the Standby PLC’s command register will be overwritten by this transfer without taking effect.
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