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In TWIDO PLC, when it power OFF and restores the application automatically goes to "Stop" mode. What is the cause of this error and how to resolve this.

Whenever there is a power cycle given to Twido PLC and power comes back it starts up with Cold Start or Warm Start depend on saved context before power cycle.

When the power is restored, the context saved is compared with the one in progress which defines the type of start to run:

1. If the application context has changed (loss of system context or new application), the controller initializes the application: COLD restart.

2. If the application context is the same, the controller restarts without initializing data: WARM restart.

In Cold Start if you do not set the Automatic Start in Run option in the controller or if you have not set the Run Stop input to true (if configured) the controller will always start in stop mode. And you have to put it in run mode by connecting Twido Programming software and set it to Run Mode.

Mismatch of application context when there is new application saved in Memory card after power up or there is low battery or absent battery to protect RAM application.

To avoid going the controller to Stop mode in such condition please set the Automatic Start in Run in the application and download the application into the controller.

To set this in Twido Suite:

1. In the Twido Suite go to Program menu.
2. Under Program select Configure-->Configure the Behavior.
3. Under Startup section select the checkbox Automatic Start in Run.
4. Additionally if you want to dedicate one external input to set controller in Stop mode or Run mode you can assign one input in Run Stop Input option.
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