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I have TWDLMDA20DRT PLC, TM2DDI8DT expansion module and TWDN0Z485D serial module. I used Twido Suite to program, then downloaded to PLC. It is working well. Only problem when I upload program from PLC to PC,I don't understand why expansion module and serial module appear red question mark after upload.

The reason why you do get a question mark on both the module is because in PLC configuration there are two or more module having same software configuration the only difference is the physical hardware property. 

For example : 

TM2DDI8DT : is having 8 DI of 24 VDC input 
TM2DAI8DT : is having 8DI of 120 VAC input 

The software configuration for both the input modules are same only the physical properties are different. 

So whenever any of the module in the configuration it is having a module id configured that is common of both the module and then the configuration is transferred into the controller. You can see the your selected module in Twido Suite configuration because Twido Suite can save both Hardware ID as well as Module description. 

But when the application is being transferred into the controller the application is being converted to a binary file which is just having the Hardware ID. And when the application is being uploaded from PLC the uploaded file do not have module description thus it display the information TM2D-I8DT which is common for both. And this name is not available in the hardware catalog of twido suite thus you can see question mark on it. 

But this is not the thing of worry as you it has no effect in the controller performance. 

The same thing is applicable for TWDN0Z485D module as TWDN0Z485T is having the same hardware id of TWDN0Z485D having no difference in software configuration point of view only difference is the physical connector. 
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