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In Magelis offer range I found that GTO series is using LED Backlight. Does that mean that HMI is fully LED based.

Schneider Magelis HMI's are TFT LCD screen which requires illumination to display pixels on screen. This is done by placing either LED or Fluorescent backlight situated just behind the screen to illuminate the screen. This does not mean that our HMI is having LED screens. 

On the other hand LED screen having LED in place of LCD on the screen which do not require additional backlight as these are self illuminated. 

Both are having different technologies and there are some advantages and dis- advantages as well such as LED's screens are costlier than that of LCD. Advantages are LED screens are having good display resolution and less power consumption from LCD screens. 

Unfortunately there is no any product available in our HMI product range which is having LED display. 
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