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Is this possible that we get some other third party iPC or Standard PC that have an Windows Operating System then install Vijeo Designer Run time, will its work.

We have two reference number for Vijeo Designer Runtime software.

o For Magelis iPC (ref. VJDSNRTMPC)
o For Standard PC (ref. VJDSNRTSPC)

The reference VJDSNRTSPC is valid for Standard PC where Vijeo Runtime is to be installed (for Example any PC or iPC other than Magelis iPC).

If you are using any Magelis iPC and looking for the Vijeo Runtime software the reference number would be VJDSNRTMPC. Please make sure that you have ordered correct reference number according to your PC you will be givel serial number and license in order to get the software registered via web. At the time of authorization you will be asked to put the reference number ans serial number for the product. After this steps you will have to proceed the registration wizard to complete the authorization.

In order to proceed with registration steps without any problem please make sure to use correct reference number of the Vijeo Runtime software.

Also please take note that Vijeo Designer Runtime registration is one time resigtration and is not transferable, means it cannot be transferred from one PC to other PC. So at the time of registration you will have to take care that you are registering the license on correct PC.

You will have to take care of the supported Operating System by Vijeo Designer Runtime in the PC where you are going to install it.
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