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What kind of External power supply can be used for STBPDT3100K, STBNCO2212. Can we use Battery for power supply.

The external power supply needs to deliver 24 VDC source power to the island. The supply that you select can have a low range limit of 19.2 VDC and a high range limit of 30 VDC. The external supply must be rated safety extra low voltage (SELV-rated). 
The SELV rating means that, in addition to basic insulation between hazardous voltages and the DC output, a second supplementary insulation layer has been added. As a result, if a single component/insulation does not perform, the DC output does not exceed SELV limits. 

SELV : Safety extra low voltage. A secondary circuit designed so that the voltage between any 2 accessible parts (or between 1 accessible part and the PE terminal for Class 1 equipment) does not exceed a specified value under normal conditions or under single-fault conditions. 

So it is not recommended to use Battery to provide the power supply. 
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