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Can we upload the program from the Compact PLC using Concept, initially programmed with Proworx.

Concept software versions 2.1 and later support the following models of Compact: PC-E984-258, PC-E984-265, PC-E984-275 and PC-E984-285 in both the "M" and "XL" packages. 
***Concept "S" does not support the Compact PLC at any revision.***

If the Compact controller was programmed with 984 Ladder Logic, either Concept or Proworx 32 is able to upload the program. If the Compact controller was programmed in Concept IEC, only Concept would be able to upload the program assuming that the "Include IEC upload information" was selected during the download. 

If the "Include IEC upload information" was not selected, there's only compile code in the PLC and not source code so you would never be able to see the logic. 

Yes, It is possible to make a modification in uploaded program and re-downloading is also possible but considered the Concept software must have license otherwise you will be only able to monitor the program not able to modify.

We have attached the firmware/exec versions delivered with all versions of Concept.

Note: If you download the exec you will lose the application inside the plc and need to make a fresh download to the controller.

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