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Why No device can be seen with SOMove Opening after installation of SoMove FDT standalone

The major innovation of SoMove V2.0 consists in the dissociation of the executable common part (FDT) on all devices and a product specific data base for each product (DTM) and which describes totally the devices (ATV, ATS, Lexium, TESYS U, TESYS T).

In order to configure or connect to a device, the corresponding DTM library MUST be downloaded and installed on the computer, as well as SoMove FDT.

For example: In order to configure Altivar drives, All Altivar devices are in one Altivar DTM Library, therefore, there will be only one download for all Altivars instead of scaled installation of ATV12, ATV312, ATV32, ATV61, ATV71, ATV212, ATV600, etc.

Available DTM libraries are :
(1) Altivar DTM Library
(2) Altivar Process ATV6xx library
(3) Altistart  DTM Library
(4) Lexium DTM Library
(5) Tsys  DTM Library
So, 1st Install SoMove V2.0 FDT and then Install DTM libraries according to device range you need to configure.
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