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What is function of “QR code” in Altivar process (ATV6xx) drive

For Altivar Procees drive, there are 2 types of QR code: (1) QR code to Doc and (2) QR code to case.

QR code to doc:
QR code to Doc helps with contextual help to guide user in case of drive fault troubleshooting
QR code is displayed contextually on the HMI screen either for troubleshooting or for setting of functions. The user flash QR code to get this contextual help (link to technical documentation)

QR code to case:
QR code to case helps with Automatic creation of technical support request .
User need a Schneider dedicated apps (already available)
The QR code is placed on the front of the drive or displayed on the graphic display terminal, user flash, select his country, and get access to the customer care center phone number or he will get the possibility to send an e-mail to the customer care center
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