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Where to find SoMachine V4.1 compatible firmware version of M218, M238 PLCs

Controller Assistant do not facilitate (1) Update firmware and (2) Manage images options for M218 and / or M238 PLCs.
So , when user migrated from SoMachine V3.1 to SoMachine V4.1, compatible firmware version of SoMachine V4.1 must be loaded with controller otherwise user is not able to download / connect to controller.

So, as a 1st step it is mandatory to update the firmware version compatible with SoMachine V4.1
Firmware files for M218 and M238 PLCs are located at installation path below on your system when SoMachine V4.1 is installed

For Windows 7- 64 bit system:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\SoMachine Software\V4.1\LogicBuilder\Firmware\M238 (or M218)

For Windows 7 -32 bit systems:
C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\SoMachine Software\V4.1\LogicBuilder\Firmware\M238 (or M218)
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