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When I am using Web Client to access Vijeo Citect pages, I am getting the error as "Software Protection Failure / Key not found" and do not get any data on the graphic pages.

There can be more than one cause for this error on a web client machine. Here are few known issue that may cause this problem:

1. License Availability: Web client license is available as a Web/ Internet Control Client and Web/ Internet View Only client license. A control client or a View Only client license will not work with a web client if you are using Vijeo Citect V7.30 or prior. From Vijeo Citect V7.40 onwards you can use control client or a View Only client license for web client as well. So the first thing to check is the availability of a suitable license on your license dongle. This can be done by checking the key details via CiUsafe.

Also a web client license (Control client or View Only client in case of V7.40 or later) must exist on the license dongle present at the IO server this client is connecting to. IO Server is responsible for providing a license to the web client, so it is not possible to have a web client license on the client machine or the web server machine (if it is different to the IOserver machine).

2. Networking issues: Once we have confirmed that a web client license is available at the server, next step in fixing this issue is to check if we are able to connect with the IO server on the server port. To check our connectivity to the Io server port, we can use “Telnet” and open a connection to the server. For this open Command Prompt on the PC and execute following command:

Telnet <IO Server IP Address> <IO Server port>

For e.g. If we are using the default server port and server is present at IP, this should look like “Telnet 2082”

If you see the blank screen it means that there is no problem opening the connection to IOServer, otherwise look for network related issue such as IP routing and deployment creation.

Please take note that for telnet command to work, it is enabled in PC. To enable Telnet client, Go to control Panel--> Programs and Features-->Turn Windows features on or off and check “Telnet Client” option.

3. Project Configuration: On many occasions when a new project configuration is started, the Network Address field is set to Loop-Back adaptor ( When this project is later on deployed on the web server and a web client is started, it is then looking for an IO Server on server port 2082 at IP, which is the loop back address for the client machine. To fix this make sure that Network Address field reflects the IP address of the PC where the server would be running.

4. Citect Configuration on IOServer: Make it very sure that Citect IOServer is running with Networking enabled in Computer Setup Wizard. If it is set to use Stand Alone then IOServer will not be able to provide the license information or Tag Values to any of the Network Client.
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