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In case of replacement of existing installation of Lexium 32M drive with 3rd Party Motor, how we can manage the application program from existing Servo Drive to new Servo Drive.

There are different ways to manage application program in case of replacing an existing system with Lexium 32M drive and 3rd Party Motor is connected.

1. With the commissioning tool (SoMove and LexCT) the general procedure for 3rd party motors is split in different steps: 
- You have the existing backup files from Servo Drive or you upload the backup from Servo with 3rd Party Motor Data
- Store to device (to download general parameter setting of Servo Drive) 
- Download 3rd party data (configuration file for 3rd Party Motor Data) separately from 3rd Part Motor Tab. 

Finally save in EEPROM (if memory card is used, the complete configuration is also stored in the memory card) 

2. Using memory card simplifies this procedure: 
In case of using a memory card, all relevant data (inclusive 3rd party motor configuration) is available. Which means in case of replacement you can just insert the memory card in the new device, switch on, download from card to device, switch off and on. New Servo Drive will be ready to operate.

By the way: this simplyfied procedure is also valid for downloading parameter files via multiloader or external HMI. Only with commissioning tool you have to do more steps.(Note: You have to upload the valid configuration of the existing drive with 3rd party data to the multiloader / external HMI). 
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