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Is it possible to use multiclip (Linergy FM) in DC applications

The Multiclip can be used for DC current applications and it is possible to apply 800VDC for 04008, 04000 and 1200VDC for 04012 to 04026 multiclips.


> The installations in DC current should be set up on the same way as AC current.  
> The only characteristic to be taken into account is the devices Icc, root mean square current (RMS current) which must be higher than the DC installation     Icc. 
> Concerning the design, as for AC installations, it is necessary to follow the instruction manuals and the configurations recommended in the catalogue. 
> For a DC current installation, use a Multiclip distribution block, just taking 2 rows, one for the minus (-) and one for the plus (+). 
> The connections should be in accordance with the current of the connected load. 
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