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Soft starter ATS22 is tripped on bPF fault after giving stop command. Output contactor is connected with ATS22 output. What will be the reason of tripping.

bPF means Bypass contactor detected fault. 
There is an output contactor connected with ATS22 output. So, this fault is appearing because the output contactor is open almost the same time that the stop command is given. In order to avoid this fault you should insert a delay (> 1s) on the command of the downstream contactor after the stop bottom is activated. Because as soon as you give the order to stop the Soft starter check if the bypass contactor is open. If you open the downstream during this procedure it will trip on BPF fault.

Do not manage the downstream contactor during the operation (after the bypass contactor is closed), because the monitoring happens just on the acceleration ramp and during the stop.
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