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what are the Modicon M340H (Hardened) Processors, Modules and Equipment.

Hardened equipment can operate in extended temperature ranges and harsher environments compared to the standard M340 equipment. 

The follow equipment are available in Hardened versions: 

BMX P34 2020H 
BMX P34 2030 2H 

Power Supplies: 
BMX CPS 3020H 
BMX CPS 3500H 

BMX XBP 0400H 
BMX XBP 0600H 
BMX XBP 0800H 

Backplane Extension: 
BMX XBE 1000H 

Counting Modules: 
BMX ECH 0200H 
BMX ECH 0800H 

Analog Input Modules: 
BMX ART 0414H 
BMX ART 0814H 
BMX AMI 0810H 

Analog Output Modules:
 BMX AMO 0210H 
BMX AMO 0410H 

Analog Input/Output Module: 
BMX AMM 0600H 

TELEFAST Wiring Accessories 
ABE7 CPA 0410H 
ABE7 CPA 0412H 

Digital Input modules: 
BMX DDI 1602H 
BMX DDI 1603H 

Digital Input/Output modules:
 BMX DAI 1602H 
BMX DAI 1603H 
BMX DAI 1604H 
BMX DDM 16022H 
BMX DDM 16025H 

Digital Output modules: 
BMX DAO 1605H 
BMX DDO 1602H 
BMX DDO 1612H 
BMX DRA 0805H 
BMX DRA 1605H 

Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) Modules: 
BMX EAE 0300H  
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