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Getting Error message "8010" in quantum Hot standby.

 An error 8010 means that the CPU has stopped because RIO option board has failed (unhealthy).
The error message code 8010 hex shows there is a possibility of fault in RIO bus i.e. this is an RIO error. 
Power it up and see if it goes to run, comm active/com error on the CRP. If yes there is most likely a coaxial issue between this unit and the CPU. If it fails with the same error you may have a CRP problem.

User need to make the following tests:
 1. Check the RIO Bus connections.
 2. Check if CRA and CRP Modules are correctly installed and connected as per documentation.
 3. Check with LED indications if CRA and CRP modules are not showing any fault.
 4. Check if the firmware of the modules matches each other and are compatible. 

If above does not help then check by replacing RIO head module or by flashing the exec of CRP head
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