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How to configure the Numeric keys and Function keys in XBTR series of HMI using with Vijeo Designer Lite software.

The Numeric Keys are used to change/modify the numeric value for any Numeric display. For these keys to function you must first enable the write access to any numeric display on the graphic page. To give a write access on a numeric display object, go to Access Mode and Security Tab and under Write Access Mode select the option At Validation.

Now the functionality of Numeric Keys are enabled. To use them you need to first press MOD key which will set the Numeric Display object in editable mode and set the Function Key to work as numeric key as per their label. Put the new value using Numeric Keys and press Enter.

All function Key will function as numeric function keys till a numeric object is in Editable mode as soon as you exit the editable mode Static function will work as static function assign in Static function assignments.
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