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When routing is enabled, can a Modbus TCP Client poll the 140NOC78100 from all IPs namely Control Network IP, Fieldbus Network and Extended Network. Or can a Modbus TCP Client only poll the 140NOC78100 using Control Network IP.

Whenever you enable the routing in NOC module you will have to assign three IP address of different subnet in NOC for all the three network i.e. Control Network, Fieldbus Network and Extended network.

Now if there is any Modbus TCP client want to poll data of Modbus TCP from NOC (consider NOC is Modbus TCP server) then it need to connect to NOC module using the respective network IP address on the port it has been connected to. For example Modbus TCP client if connected to Control Network can connect to NOC for Modbus TCP data using its IP address assign to Control network and similarly for all the three network.

However if it want to use NOC as subnet router, Modbus TCP server connected on any port of NOC can be polled by Modbus TCP client on any other port. (Routing methodology to be considered such as subnet and gateway addressing for connected clients).
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