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SoMachine V3.1 gives build error '3S CANopenStack Outdated library version...' Why. How to solve this build error.

In case user imports a SoMachine V3.1 project archive, which may contain the original version of the CANopenStack library, the new one will be accidentally
overwritten. If this happens please follow the repair instructions that show how to restore the proper version of the CANopenStack Library.

To verify if SoMachine is running with correct version of the CANopenStack Library, it is not sufficient to simply check for the version number displayed by the Library Manager – which is always You must read the details of the library to detect the correct one;
so follow the next steps:

(1) Launch the Library Repository dialog from the Tools main menu,
(2) Navigate down to the CANopenStack Library and select the version
(3) By pressing the Details…. Button, a pop-up with a Description in the Properties
field will appear. In case of the correct library this reads as follows:

FixRevision: HotFix_1

In case the CANopenStack Library is overwritten by an older one – for example as a result of an import of a project archive that contains an older library version – any attempt to compile a project that contains this library results in a build error that shows up like this:
Outdated library version, please install the last update on or contact us.

Revisiting the information mentioned in steps 1 to 3 from above, you will now see different details.
In order to get rid of the build error, you have to restore the proper version of the CANopenStack Library again.
A backup copy of this library has been stored on the PC during installation of SoMachine. Please follow the following steps to get the correct library restored:

(1) Start a SoMachine session and open the project that shows up the build error
(2) Select the Library Repository function from the Tools main menu entry
(3) Select the “3S CANopenStack.” library version and uninstall the wrong library.
(4) In a next step install the correct library version. Press the Install… button in the Library Repository dialog, select the backup copy of the library, which is
available in folder :
\Program Files\Schneider Electric\SoMachine\Support
(5) Now close the current project and reopen it again. This ensures that the new CANopenStack library is taken into account.
(6) Running another compile of the project should not show up the error message anymore that was caused by a wrong CANopenStack Library in the previous
(7) Note that the restored library will not appear with a different version label than the old one. So redo the steps 1 to 3 explained in the former chapter to check
for correctness.
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