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M580 CPU cannot establish communication using either USB or Ethernet with BMXXBE1000 extender module installed.

It is a normal behavior of the M580 architecture that if user install the BMXXBE1000 extender module in the rack then they has to take care of below points else CPU will go in offline during self-test and not allow user to connect with it.

1. Remove power from all elements of the station (the local rack or remote drop) before inserting or extracting a line terminator. 
2. If Extender module is installed then it should be properly connected with the cable or if unused port is there it should be terminated with TLY line terminator.
3. The unused ports on the 2 extender modules are terminated, with a TSX line terminator on the main rack and TLY line terminator on the extender rack .

Note:Pulling out rack expander cable while plc rack and in rack equipment's are online (powered ON state) is not recommended. Failure to follow this instruction can result in equipment damage.
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