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Getting message "FBDCG(-806)" in concept Software during online modification(Download changes).

Explaination of message is below:
FBD CG : Function Block Diagram Code Generation 
-806   : Call to object database failed ,Problems with database during code generation 

· Close Concept, then delete .q1 and .q2 files of the project
· If this fails, try export/import of project
· Try changing the execution order of sections
· Have a look into the .ASC file. Check if gaps are in the order of sections (remove gaps or install patch >B2) 
  Note: transition sections start with No. 32768
· Use backup project
· If using OFS, edit concept.ini for 'exportvariables=1'.
· Select entire selection using CTRL-A. Delete. Go to menu and do an 'undo delete'. This reassigns correct execution order (Correcting possible gaps in execution order.)
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