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Getting "HTTP and/or Port 502 Communication Error" when connect the STBNIP2212 module and setting IP via web server.

This message usually come due to incompatible version of Java Runtime. Follow the below workaround to fix this:

1. It seems that system is running with Java version 1.8, It can be a problem because our STB and this (1.8) java have some feature together. we recommend to use the last java 1.7. You can install this parallel then set on the Java Control Panel that you want to use this. If it doesn't help remove all Java and install only 1.7. 

2. The last firmware is v3.33 and there is "Web page Java 7 compatibility - Applied signed JAR files for Java 7 compatibility" inside so there is a big chance that it will be OK with Java 1.8 also. 
STBNIP2212 firmware v 3.33 can be downloaded from below mentioned link: 
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