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Does Full Function Test Kit(FFTK) 33595 need to be calibrated

s Full Function Test Kit(FFTK) 33595 need to be calibrated.
Ans:  The Full-function Test Kit has been designed such that it does not require to be calibrated periodically. The test kit performs a self-check of the microprocessor generated fault signal before being injected into the trip unit. If the fault signal is out of tolerance, an error message will be displayed on the test kit’s touch screen and will not allow continuing the test.

The Full-function Test Kit also performs a “power on” test each time the test kit is switched on. This is indicated by a spinning Schneider Electric logo on the touch screen for a few seconds. This test checks that the test kit’s memory has not been corrupted and that communications to the touch screen is working properly.

Due to these self-checks, no additional calibration is required.

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