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What are the tests performed for conformal coating (GX SEVERE) for Quantum Range.

Below are the tests which have been performed for Quantum Coated Range :
  • ·Mixed flowing gases according to ISA S71.04 and EIA-364-65 duration 7 + 15 days ambient 30°C RH 70% 
  • Gases concentration tested: According to EIA 364-65 level III, CL2 20ppm, NO2 1250ppm, H2S 100ppm, SO2 300ppm corresponding to over GX severe environments (CL2 10ppm, NO2 1250ppm, H2S 50ppm, SO2 300ppm) 
  • ·Salt spray according to IEC 68-2-11(EIA 364, TP26 TC-B) duration 48h, temp 35°C , salt solution 5% 
  • ·Damp heat according to IEC 68-2-3 Ca steady state, duration 20 days, temp 63°C , RH 93% 
  • ·Dust according to MIL STD 202 Method #110A (EIA 364, TP91 draft) Duration 2h, room temp, fan 1000ft/min, non corrosive dust: amount 15g 
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