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What is the role of Master Controller in STBNIP2212 configuration and what is the maximum number of Master Controller possible in the configuration.

Any controller on the Ethernet network has the potential to control an Advantys Island on that network. Control can be obtained on a first-come/first-serve basis. The STB NIP 2212 allows you to pre-assign priority control (masters) to as many as three specific controllers on the network. If one of these assigned controllers is connected, it will take priority over any unassigned controllers, even if an unassigned controller has connected to the island first. To assign one or more priority control (masters), use the Master Controller web page. It does not mean that Ethernet Device which has not been configured cannot access the NIP. They can be given assess but when any device configured as Master device request the access to write to NIP register, it will be given priority. 

Typically, the first controller to request write access is granted control. If another controller attempts to write to the island while the first controller has control, the NIM sends an error message and access is denied. 
If a Web page configured master controller has been configured on the Master Controller Web page, a write request from it will preempt processing control from any other non-Web page configured controller during its reservation time.
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