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When EWF (Enhanced Write Filter) is enable in iPC loaded with embedded operating system (Magelis Smart HMIPSC7**** and HMIGTW7353 operating system) we cannot make any permanent changes in iPC. Is there a way to exclude some file or folder from EWF.

The Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) Manager minimizes the number of write operations to help extend the life of the CF Card. It loads temporary data (for example, system updates and software operations) into RAM, and does not at any point write this information to the CF Card. Therefore, if the EWF is enabled, a restart of the Smart 15" will cause any changes the user made to the system to be overwritten.

The only option to save the setting and runtime files in optional CF card if having while EWF is enabled. To change any setting in windows CF card or to save any files in Windows CF card first you will have to disable EWF. There is no option to put any directory or file in Exception of EWF.
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