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What is the procedure for charging ATV71/ATV61 after a long duration of storage.

As a function of the length of storage, you must re-apply voltage progressively to the product to re-form the capacitors. Calculate the storage time from
the date code of the product and not from the date of delivery.
Storage time                                            Procedure to re-apply voltage
Up to  1 year                                             Apply voltage in the normal way
Between 1 and 2 years                                 Apply voltage to the product for 1 hour
                                                               without a run command.
More then or Equal to 2  years                       Use a variable DC power supply to
                                                               increase  the voltage in such a fashion so
                                                               as to have:   
                                                               - 25% of nominal voltage for 30 minutes
                                                               - 50% of nominal voltage for 30 minutes
                                                               - 75% of nominal voltage for 30 minutes
                                                               - 100% of nominal voltage for 210 minutes
For Storage time ≤ 1 year and for Between 1 and 2 Year: Connect three phase Input AC supply to R,S,T input terminals of drive.
For Storage time ≥ 2 years;  the reforming of the capacitance in the drive ,DC link have to be performed with an variable DC voltage connected directly to DC  terminals of the drive.
Nominal voltage means "nominal DC voltage" which is the nominal AC multiplied with the factor 1.41
For Example  ATV71 N4 range ,DC Voltage supply range is 0 to 415 X 1.41  means => 0 to 585 V DC.
You can use any variable DC power supply, it should provide 0 - 650DC with a maximum power of 1200W. 

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