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Can ATS48***Y be connected to the motor delta terminals.

ATS48***Y cannot be connected to the motor delta terminals.
However,ATS48***YS316 can be connected to the motor delta terminals. Refer to attached file.
Note: An ATS48***YS316 can be used with delta winding connection of a 500V maximum  motor. That means the maximum main supply voltage is also 500V.
To choose an ATS48***YS316 connected to the motor delta terminals, proceed the same way as with an ATS48***Q. Please see below calculation:--
Motor detail: 3Phase/90kW/146A/440V/60Hz
Starter wired to the motor delta terminal:
The current in each winding is equal to 146/1.732 i.e. 84.29 A
Select the starter rating with a maximum permanent nominal current just above this current, i.e. 110A (ATS48C11Y for a standard application) .
So, Soft Starter ATS48C11YS316 is suitable for Motor 3Phase/90kW/146A/440V/60Hz for motor delta terminal i.e. ATS48***YS316 connected in the motor delta winding in series with each winding.
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